About us

About LE Fence Co.

LE Fence Company has specialized in game and ranch fencing since 1996. We have experienced almost every type of terrain and condition imaginable and exceed in making what seems like a challenging situation a success. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our work and provide nothing but the best products and materials for our customers. Other services provided include dozer services, dozer and dirt work, hunting and wildlife habitat management, pond and tank construction, and general contracting.

About LE Fence - High Game and Specialty Ranch Fencing


LE Fence has over 45 employees. Our foreman and their assistants average over 10 years experience and our leadership team averages over 12 years experience.


LE Fence guarantees, in writing, that our corners will not pull for 10 years barring an act of man or God. This warranty is standard on all new fence construction when new steel pipe is installed.



The wire we typically propose is the Stay-Tuff brand wire. There are other similar wires available that are less expensive but we typically install Stay-Tuff for the following reasons:

  • It is the ONLY wire manufacturer that offers a 10 yr. WRITTEN warranty on their product.
  • Their Class 3 galvanization is 100% zinc which basically means that any scratches in the wire will “heal” and not rust.
  • We have seen this wire withstand everything from hurricanes to semi trucks. In most cases when the fence is damaged it is usually just a matter of re-stretching the wire and straightening or replacing some bent posts.
  • Stay-Tuff has also recently completed scientific studies with the USDA on developing a “Hog Proof” wire.

Other manufacturers’ wire can be provided if preferred by the customer.


LE Fence provides all 2-3/8″ OD pipe for line posts and braces. We offer both galvanized and raw pipe. As well as galvanized and green T-Posts.

Water Gaps

High flow water gaps are constructed as rigid panel swing gates to allow for the flow of water. Construction of the water gaps consists of 2″ x 2″ square tubing (or larger) and all welded panels. Low flow water gaps are constructed with steel cable and welded wire panel.

Predator/Hog Control

Typical construction of game fence or low net wire fence includes 1 strand of Gaucho barbed wire at the bottom of the fence. This will serve as a deterrent for predators.

Predator control net wire can also be provided at an additional cost for full predator proofing on your game or ranch fence. Installed at the bottom of the fence this Predator and Hog control serves superior protection against animals coming under the fence at an additional cost.

About Our Post Drivers

Most of our competitors set posts and braces with concrete only 2 ½ feet in the ground, but at LE Fence we drive until we find resistance. This is done using a Fairbrother King Hitter, tractor mounted, hydraulic post driver. This process insures that your fence is built as strongly as possible and will have a longer life cycle than traditionally constructed fences.

When posts are set in concrete they are set a set depth throughout the fence and typically only set 2-3′ in depth. Soils of all plasticity and densities will move and erode with temperature and moisture. In order to combat this we drive all posts to the “bedrock” layer of the soil. This layer may be anything from bedrock, caliche, hard clay, granite, etc. and will be at different depths depending on geographic region. Most of our posts will drive 6-8′ on average and sometimes deeper or more shallow in solid rock situations. We drive until we see less than 1″ of depth change. 

This ensures that this post has reached or penetrated the solid substrate below the surface. We have driven posts as deep as 32′ in some wetland regions. This way when the soil does move or erode the fence posts and braces are essentially unaffected which allows us to guarantee our fence.


  • Ronald Van Amburgh III – President: 254-709-9418
  • Denise Van Amburgh – Owner/Billing and invoices: 254-644-9733