The Best Custom Ranch Entrance Gates in Texas

What do your visitors see whenever they come to your farm or ranch? If there isn’t a large custom gate at your entrance, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to make a great impression!

Every fence needs some gates, including your front entrance, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring and purely functional. The front gates to a farm or ranch have long been an opportunity to show off and impress visitors with a showy gate that also showcases your style and personality. LE Fence can be your expert partner in building custom ranch entry gates here in Texas!


A custom ranch entrance gate makes a great first impression on visitors to your property. We can work with you to design ornamental and decorative gates with your name, brand, or logo that reflect your style. From modern metal designs to classic wooden gates, the possibilities are endless!

Texas Gate-Building Experts

For over 25 years, LE Fence has been providing the best in fencing and other border control solutions across Texas, and we’re particularly proud of our work in custom gates. A great gate combines form and function, creating a work of art that also keeps your property safe!

We love talking with customers about the vision for their ranch entrance gate – and we do everything we can to make it happen. Large or small, no matter how simple or ornate, our custom fabrication facilities can create any gate you might want, and at fully reasonable prices.

Of course, form should never eclipse function. No matter how ornate your gateway is, we’ll ensure it is well-built and always serves its main function of protecting your front entry. Advanced options such as electrification are also possible if needed.


LE Fence can build custom ranch gates and entrances using a wide variety of materials like wrought iron, wood, and stone. We have over 25 years of experience creating beautiful and functional gates for farms, ranches, and estates in Texas and beyond.

Any Material You Like

What sort of material matches the look and feel of your property? Do you want a modern wrought-iron gate that shows off your name or brand, paired with the best-reinforced metal gate? What about a classic old-fashioned wooden ranch entrance gate to give your farm that rustic touch? Stonework is another option! A combination of stone fencing topped with a classic wood design is bound to impress anyone who stops by.

We’re always looking for the next gate-building challenge, and the next beautiful design that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

No Landscape Is Too Challenging

Thanks to our long experience in fence-building, we can build on virtually any land. Even challenging land such as bedrock, caliche, or hard clay isn’t a problem – we’ll create solutions that hold up even when planted in the most unforgiving terrain. Likewise, we’re masters of dealing with elevation problems and uneven landscapes. Whatever your land looks like, we’ll work with you to create a custom ranch entrance gate that looks like it was meant to be there!


We offer many custom options for your gate entrance:

  • Wrought iron, wood, stone, or combinations
  • Incorporate your name, brand, or logo
  • Automatic gate openers
  • Security features like electrification
  • Durable construction for any terrain


Our experienced team handles the entire construction and installation process for your new custom ranch entrance gate:


We work with high-quality woods in many varieties to match your desired look and withstand the elements.


For metal gates and hardware, we use only the strongest and most durable materials to prevent rusting and stand up to years of use.


In addition to beautiful custom ranch entrance gates and ranch fencing, we also install functional ranch gates of all kinds:

  • Livestock gates
  • Interior pasture gates
  • Large double gates for equipment
  • People gates
  • And more!

Choose LE Fence for Your Custom Ranch Entryways

We stand by our work with a ten-year warranty, on top of any material manufacturer’s warranties. You can always feel secure getting a fence or gate from LE Fence.

If you have a vision for the gate you’ve always wanted, contact us to make it happen.