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A Seasonal Guide to Deer Fence Installation to Protect Your Property

A Seasonal Guide to Deer Fence Installation to Protect Your Property

Deer fencing is an essential measure for homeowners, farmers, and ranchers looking to protect their property from the habitual wanderings and appetites of deer. Knowing the best time to install a deer fence can make a significant difference in its effectiveness and longevity. Let’s explore the optimal seasons for installing a deer fence, with expert advice from deer fence contractors.

Summer for Protecting Growing Crops

Summer is a season of abundant growth, making it a prime time for deer to feed on lush vegetation. Installing a deer fence during early summer can protect blooming plants and prevent deer from establishing a feeding pattern in your yard. However, the warmer weather can also pose challenges for installation, such as harder ground and the need for hydration breaks for the installers.

Fall When Preparing for Rut Season

Fall is an important time to consider deer fencing as it coincides with the rutting season. During this period, male deer become more aggressive and are likely to venture into new territories, increasing the chances of encountering your property. Installing a fence in early fall can act as a proactive barrier, reducing the likelihood of deer damaging your landscape or garden during this active period.

Off-Season Installation in Winter

Winter might seem an unconventional time for outdoor installations, but it offers unique advantages for deer fence setup. The dormant period for most plants means less disruption to your property. Additionally, the reduced foliage provides clearer lines of sight, making it easier to plan and install the fence. However, frozen ground and harsh weather conditions can be challenging, so it’s important to consult with professional contractors for advice.

Install in the Spring for the Ideal Season and Prevent Early Damage

Spring is often considered the ideal time to install a deer fence. As vegetation begins to grow, deer start to explore new food sources, and a newly erected fence can deter them from making your property their regular dining spot. Installing in spring also allows the fence to settle and strengthen before the more challenging weather conditions of summer and fall.

Contact LE Fence to Speak with Our Deer Fence Contractors About an Installation for Your Property

Understanding the best time to install a deer fence is just the beginning. Professional advice and installation can make sure that your fence is effective, durable, and appropriate for your specific needs. LE Fence’s experienced deer fence contractors can guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right materials to finding the optimal time for installation. Contact us to discuss how we can help protect your property from deer intrusion throughout the year with a high game fence in Texas.

Enhance Your Home’s Value with Driveway Gates and Ranch Entrance Gates

Enhance Your Home’s Value with Driveway Gates and Ranch Entrance Gates

When considering home improvements, driveway gates might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they are a significant addition that can enhance the aesthetic and practical aspects of your property. Beyond their obvious function as a security measure, driveway gates and ranch entrance gates add an element of sophistication, increase property value, and provide practical benefits that are worth considering.

More Curb Appeal and Value

First impressions are crucial, and the addition of a driveway gate can significantly elevate the curb appeal of your home. These gates come in various designs, from classic wrought iron to modern, customized styles, fitting seamlessly with your home’s architecture. This enhancement makes your property more attractive and increases its market value. Prospective buyers often perceive a gated driveway as a sign of a well-maintained and prestigious property.

Security and Protection Purposes

Security is a paramount concern for any homeowner. A driveway gate serves as a physical barrier, deterring unauthorized access to your property. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that your family and possessions are better protected. Moreover, these gates can be equipped with advanced security features like intercom systems, cameras, and automatic locking mechanisms, further fortifying your home against potential intruders.

Beautiful Properties

Driveway gates and ranch entrance gates contribute to the overall beauty of your property, creating an elegant and sophisticated entrance. Whether you opt for a simple, understated design or a more elaborate, custom-made gate, it can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your home. This makes your property more enjoyable for you and adds to its appeal in the eyes of visitors and potential buyers in the future.

Practicality for Your Property

Driveway gates are not just about looks and security; they also offer practical benefits. They can help in managing access to your property, especially if you have a larger estate or a home with multiple entry points. Automated gates, in particular, offer convenience, allowing you to control access remotely. This functionality is particularly useful for busy homeowners who value both security and convenience.

Contact LE Fence Company for Driveway Gates or Ranch Entrance Gates for Your Property

If you’re considering adding a driveway gate or ranch entrance gates to your property, LE Fence Company has a range of options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a gate that complements the style of your ranch or a more contemporary design for your urban home, we have the expertise to deliver a solution that enhances the beauty and security of your property and suits your lifestyle. Contact LE Fence Company to explore the possibilities and take the first step towards elevating the value and appeal of your home with custom ranch entry gates.

Our Guide to Installing a Gate on Your Wire Fence

Our Guide to Installing a Gate on Your Wire Fence

Installing a gate on a wire fence can be a rewarding project, improving the functionality and appearance of your fencing. Whether you’re looking to create a new entryway into your garden or need a gate for practical reasons, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps. With some basic tools and a bit of patience, you’ll be able to install a gate with the help of a fencing contractor that looks great and stands the test of time.

Locate and Mark the Spot

The first step in installing a gate is to decide where it will go. Look for a level area that’s easily accessible. Once you’ve chosen the location, mark the ground where the gate posts will be installed. It’s important to ensure that the space is wide enough for your gate, plus a little extra for hardware and swinging space.

Digging a Post Trench

After marking the spot, the next step is to dig a trench for your gate posts. The depth of the trench should be at least one-third the height of your post to ensure stability. For example, if your posts are 6 feet tall, dig a trench about 2 feet deep. Make sure the trenches are straight and aligned with each other.

Mark and Cut Your Posts

Once your trenches are ready, it’s time to prepare your posts. Measure and cut your posts according to the height of your fence and the depth of your trenches. It’s crucial to cut them accurately to ensure they fit perfectly and provide a level frame for your gate.

Install the Posts

Place the posts into the trenches. Use a level to ensure they are straight and at the right height. Once they are correctly positioned, fill the trenches with concrete to secure the posts. Allow the concrete to cure as per the manufacturer’s instructions, usually for at least 24 hours.

Pre-Drill the Posts and Level Your Gate

Before attaching the gate, pre-drill holes in the posts to make the installation easier and to prevent the wood from splitting. Attach the gate hardware to the posts, ensuring that the gate is level. This step is crucial for the proper functioning of your gate.

Measuring and Installing a Gate

Measure the distance between your posts and choose a gate that fits this space. Attach the gate to the hardware already installed on the posts. Ensure that the gate opens and closes smoothly and make any necessary adjustments.

Painting and Staining the Gate

To protect your gate and give it a finished look, consider painting or staining it. This not only enhances its appearance but also helps to protect the wood from the elements. Choose a paint or stain that complements your fence and apply it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Contact LE Fence Company for a Gate for Your Wire Fence

For those who prefer a professional touch, LE Fence Company is an excellent choice for installing a gate on your wire fence. As experienced fencing contractors, we can provide expert advice, quality materials, and skilled installation to ensure your gate is both beautiful and functional. Contact us to learn more and request a quote.

Your Guide on Installing Net Wire for High Game Fences

Your Guide on Installing Net Wire for High Game Fences

Fencing is an important aspect of wildlife management, especially for deer and other game species. High game fences are critical for containing wildlife within a designated area and for keeping predators and trespassers out. A key component of these fences is net wire, a robust and flexible fencing material that ensures both the safety of the animals and the integrity of the enclosure. Let’s explore the importance of high game fences in Texas for deer management and how to find the right company for high fencing for deer.

High Game Fences for Deer

High game fences, often ranging from 8 to 10 feet in height, are specifically designed to manage deer populations. These fences serve multiple purposes: they prevent deer from wandering into unsafe areas, reduce the risk of vehicular accidents, and help manage the health and genetics of deer herds. The use of net wire in these fences adds an extra layer of security and durability, making it difficult for deer to escape and for predators to enter.

Steps for Installing Net Wire on a High Game Fence

1. Planning and Preparation: Before installation, it’s important to plan the layout of the fence. Determine the total length, gate placements, and corner configurations. Acquire all necessary materials, including net wire rolls, fence posts, staples, and tools.

2. Setting Fence Posts: Install fence posts, ensuring they are deeply anchored and properly aligned. The distance between posts should be consistent, ideally around 8 to 10 feet apart, providing sufficient support for the net wire.

3. Unrolling the Net Wire: Carefully unroll the net wire along the length of the fence line. It’s advisable to have assistance during this step to handle the heavy and unwieldy wire rolls.

5. Attaching the Wire to Posts: Start at a corner post and securely attach the net wire using fencing staples or wire ties. Ensure the wire is taut and evenly pulled to avoid sagging.

6. Joining Wire Sections: If your fence is longer than one roll of wire, you’ll need to join sections. Overlap the ends of the wires by at least one full square and securely tie them together.

7. Securing the Bottom Edge: The bottom edge of the net wire should be securely anchored to the ground. This can be done by burying a portion of the wire or attaching it to a bottom board to prevent animals from crawling underneath.

8. Final Inspection and Adjustments: Once the net wire is installed, walk the fence line to inspect and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure the wire is evenly tensioned and properly secured to each post.

Contact LE Fence Company for High Fencing for Deer and Other Ranch Fence Solutions

If you need professional assistance or advice on high game fences in Texas, LE Fence Company can help with any type of project. With expertise in wildlife management and fence installation, we offer a range of solutions for ranch fencing needs. Whether it’s for deer management or other ranch applications, our team can provide the knowledge, materials, and services to create effective and durable high game fences. Contact us to learn more about our high fencing for deer and request a quote.

We’ll save you the time of searching the internet

We’ll save you the time of searching the internet

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