Specialty Fencing and Tree Blinds

A finely crafted specialty fence stands as a crucial asset in your quest for that prized game trophy. Rely on LE Fence’s specialty fencing, renowned for their enduring strength that won’t disappoint you in the wilderness. Our custom tree blinds and specialty fences offer reliable concealment and protection, all at a budget-friendly cost, ensuring you’re well-equipped to secure your hunting goals.

Comfort and Functionality

Having a comfortable specialty fence is essential for hunters to relax during their hunts. However, the blind should also be sufficiently spacious and well-configured to serve its functional purpose. This combination of comfort and functionality is crucial for a successful hunting experience.

Better Visibility

Elevated tree blinds offer significant advantages in terms of visibility. Hunters positioned in elevated blinds have a clear line of sight and can spot game from a distance. Importantly, game are less likely to detect hunters in elevated blinds, as they are conditioned to be less wary of threats from above. 

Reduced Scent Detection

Many game possess a keen sense of smell, which helps them detect potential threats, including human presence. Even with effective concealment, the game may still pick up the scent of a hunter. However, an elevated tree blind mitigates this issue. The blind acts as an enclosure, containing human scent, and its elevated position allows the scent to dissipate further away. 

Safety and Weather Protection

Tree blinds and specialty fence installation offer added safety and protection from the elements. They provide shelter from rain, ensuring that hunting gear stays dry, and hunters are less likely to get wet. Using a tree blind minimizes the risk of accidents, such as slipping or tripping, as hunters can move safely in and out of the blind. This is especially important in challenging weather conditions like snow, where the blind allows hunters to stay stationary and comfortable.

Reduced Physical Exertion

Tree blinds eliminate the need for extensive physical exertion during a hunt. Hunters can reach the location of the blind and stay there, reducing the need for prolonged walking or trudging through difficult terrain. 

Decreased Visibility to Game Animals

Specialty fences provide effective camouflage and concealment, making it more difficult for game animals to spot hunters. The blind’s design and placement in the hunting environment allow hunters to blend into their surroundings, increasing the likelihood of getting closer to their target without being detected.

Extended Hunting Seasons

Tree blinds can be particularly valuable during adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures. They offer a controlled environment that allows hunters to remain comfortable, warm, and dry, thus extending the potential hunting season and increasing the number of opportunities for a successful hunt.

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