Dozing and Ranch Road Construction

We have a yard stocked with dozers, shredders, mulchers, and other light and heavy duty equipment. If you need help clearing land or prepping a lot in central Texas, we have the capabilities to get you taken care of. When our heavy duty equipment is not out on a large fencing job, it is available with a manned operator or crew to assist with dirt work, site prep, and land clearing locally.

Agricultural operations require careful management to maximize land output, sometimes requiring landowners to cultivate rugged terrain. Earth moving equipment greatly reduces the time required to complete land management projects. LE Fence Company rents dozer and earth moving equipment from their Valley Mills equipment yard to area landowners, saving them the expenses involved with maintaining and storing heavy equipment.

Manual earth moving results in hidden land defects. Heavy earth moving equipment ensures that soil grades true and packs soundly into the surface. Dozing and ranch road construction equipment also helps landowners overcome physical limitations and complete earth moving projects faster.

LE Fence Company equipment rentals reduce the costs, risks, errors and exertion affiliated with manual earth moving, providing an immediately recognizable return-on-investment and freeing resources for other income producing tasks. Contact LE Fence Company today to inquire about our available ranch road construction equipment selection.