Excellent Deer and High Game Fencing in Texas

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a farm or ranch in Texas is keeping unwanted animals off your property while keeping your property and managed herds safe. Wild boars, coyotes, or even unwelcomed deer can do major damage to your property and your investments, and it requires some serious fencing to keep animals where you want them. Fortunately, LE Fence is your local expert for creating the best in high game fences!

We have over 25 years of experience building custom farm and ranch fences across Texas. We have our own fabrication facilities and are skilled at working with every material available. LE Fence also has extensive experience building on challenging ground such as bedrock and hard clay, or dealing with highly uneven terrain, while still delivering highly effective border control solutions every time

Our animal-proofed fencing options include:

  • Deer-Proof Fencing

Deer may look cute and gentle, but they can absolutely ruin a landscape if allowed to run loose on your property. They can quickly over-graze your lands, invade your crops, and even strip the bark off of your trees.

Our deer-proof fencing is designed to be high enough to prevent jumping, and sturdy enough to stand up to even hard impacts. It’s an affordable and ecologically friendly solution for keeping deer off your property, or where you want them on your ranch.

  • Hog-Proof Fencing

Attacks and damage done by feral hogs is a serious problem in Texas, and if there are hogs in your area, you need a fence capable of standing up to them. If hogs get loose on your property, very little is safe. They’ll tear up your land, harm your livestock, and possibly even create a real threat to yourself and your family.

Hog-proof fencing must be extremely strong, while also having deeply planted protection which resists rooting and burrowing. LE Fence has a long track record of building hog-proof fences that can stand up to even the largest boar.

  • Custom Exotic Animal Fencing

Are you keeping rare animals on your property, or concerned about protected species nearby which must be safely deterred from entering your land? Choose LE Fence! We’ll work with you to fully understand your needs and the animals in question, then craft fencing solutions that will safely keep every critter in its proper place.

Dealing with environmental regulations and protected animals can be particularly difficult. However, thanks to our long history of working in Texas, we fully understand these regulations and the burdens they place on landowners. You can feel secure working with LE Fence, knowing we’ll protect your land from predators and bureaucrats.

Whatever Your Fencing Needs, LE Fence Is Here

From extensive high game and deer fencing to minor temporary enclosures, LE Fence is your all-in-one fencing contractor! Every fence is built to be of the highest quality possible, and we stand by our work with our 10-year warranty.

Contact us to discuss your fencing needs.