Barbed Wire Fence Installation Across Texas

For over 150 years, barbed wire has been one of the most popular types of farm boundary control – and it’s still used across Texas today. Affordable, long-lasting, and reliable, it’s a time-tested solution that still hasn’t been beaten.

When you hire LE Fence as your barbed wire fencing contractor, you’ll know you’re getting a top-quality fence at a fair price. We use only the best of materials, custom-fabricating fencing when needed, and all our workmanship is backed up by our own ten-year warranty. We’ve been building fences across Texas for over 25 years, and you’ll appreciate that experience when you see our work!

Why choose barbed wire fencing for your farm or ranch?

Why choose barbed wire fencing for your farm or ranch?

Proven Effectiveness

Despite being invented in the 19th century, there are few other types of fencing that are more effective at keeping livestock in place while also discouraging unwanted predators – or unwanted humans – from entering your land. Depending on the types of threats facing your land, we can customize the number of wires and frequency of barbs to ensure that all but the largest creatures are deterred. 

Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Protection

We use only high-grade corrosion-free materials in our barbed wire fences so that your fence will be able to stand for years with minimal oversight. Our experts always survey your land beforehand, and take note of the terrain and ground types, to guarantee our custom fences are built to endure.

Low-Cost Fencing

Because barbed wire is such a ubiquitous type of fencing, it’s among the most cost-effective options you can install. Both the materials and installation are typically quite affordable and can be done on even a modest budget. This combination of price and performance makes barbed wire hard to beat!

Enhance Existing Fencing

Do you already have other types of fencing, such as wire mesh, but worry it’s not enough? Barbed wire strands can be installed on top, as a nicer-looking alternative to razor wire, to add an additional line of defense to your property at low prices.

Texas Chooses LE Fencing for Excellent Border Control

Our long history has built a substantial customer base who come back to us whenever they need new fencing and recommend us to their friends. We are dedicated to high-quality work in every case and focus on complete customer satisfaction. From basic barbed wire fencing to complete border security, we can always protect your land.

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