Cattle Ranch and Wire Fencing

Everything we do is custom in order to meet the specific needs of your facility. Talk with us, we can build a solution to fit your needs.

At LE Fence Company, we create and install your cattle wire fence correctly the first time, eliminating costly rebuilds and redesigns. Horse, cattle and hog breeding facilities require the proper layout for current operations and future growth. Insufficient breeding facilities harbor disease and create safety threats. The structures we raise provide healthy environments for you, your livestock and caretakers.

A breeding operation is a long-term investment. Our veteran builders know what questions to ask when designing a facility to meet your current and future goals. We understand how important it is that you receive every advantage possible to maximize your operation. Our experienced designers create facilities to serve the needs of all breeding operations, incorporating any desired amenities. We take pride in every cattle wire fence installment and guarantee each LE Fence Company structure. Contact us today to create the ideal environment for your livestock breeding needs.