Predator and Hog Panel Fencing

Predators, Hogs, and other nuisance animals are no match for an L E Fence. We can add predator and hog control features to your custom fence to keep these pests at bay.

LE Fence Company delivers solutions to mitigate predator encroachment. Predators do not differentiate between food sources, and your livestock presents an easy target for hungry wildlife. Our predator and hog control fencing keeps these threats at bay and protects your assets.

Predatory attacks leave telltale clues, which our staff members use to identify threats to your livestock and land. Combined with our experience, these clues help us to design effective solutions for your predator control needs.

Our veteran staff members have served Texas landowners for over a decade. At LE Fence Company we stand behind every installation with a quality guarantee. We know the threats specific to your region and have the knowledge to create effective predator mitigation solutions and are aware of how regional wildlife movement affects landowners. Unchecked wildlife control threatens a livestock operation and the property inhabitants.

Our expert personnel create and design predator fence solutions to protect you, your family, your staff and your livestock and help you mitigate or eliminate safety threats and losses due to hunting and foraging wildlife. Contact us today to arrange an evaluation of your predator mitigation needs.