Vineyard Fencing and Trellis

With our own grape vineyard on our property in Valley Mills, we were looking for better grape trellis ideas. There were not any grape vineyard trellis plans out there that we felt met our rigorous standards, so we designed and built our own system from heavy grade steel. Why grow a 30 year vine on a 10 year trellis system? Plus, with our support system turned inward, the trellis is much sturdier and makes mowing a lot quicker and easier.

LE Fence Company provides vineyard fencing for landowners throughout Texas and the surrounding states. Vineyard trellis systems incorporate distinct features for different crops and settings to support substantial growth. Our experienced designers and installers know which configurations support healthy grape production for your unique application. We design and build vineyard fencing to maximize output, while enhancing landscaping aesthetics. With a wide assortment of options, our experienced designers create a trellis framework to meet your exacting standards.

Each vineyard requires different specifications. Our vineyard fencing systems deliver excellent yields by providing the right amount of growth. Our designers understand how to incorporate factors, such as climate, local laws and personal preferences to create the perfect, functional vineyard.

We build well-designed trellis systems, keeping crops healthy and free from molds and fungi. At LE Fence Company, we believe in our products and stand behind every installation with a written guarantee. Contact us today to begin building the perfect vineyard.